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Today’s sports franchises have more diverse opportunities to reach their fanbase than ever before. SMI is an ideal partner for  managing every aspect of communications and campaign planning and production. We connect companies and brands to fans to grow loyalty and attract new business and to drive return on investment or what we term, return on objectives. Therefore following a thorough analysis of our client’s objectives, we identify and define the best operational strategy. With a flexible approach and a range of resources at our disposal we can operate as a consultancy team, provide one-off or campaign solutions or become a client's full-service outsourced agency.





One of the most pervasive findings in sponsorship is that the best effects are achieved where there is a logical match between the sponsor and sponsoree, such as a sports brand sponsoring a sports event. Following a thorough analysis of our client’s targets, we identify and define the more suitable operational strategy. We work to form links between the various partners involved in the sponsorship, ensuring that everything runs at perfectly.


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